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Egypt: Interesting facts about country that invented bread

Egypt, official the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country that connects northeast Africa and the Middle East. It is home to home to one of the world’s earliest and greatest civilizations.

The country also know as the land of the nile boasts also of iconic pyramids in the world and rich ancient history becoming one of the world’s most wanted tourist destination.

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Egypt’s population ranges or rather estimated at over 98 million heads making it most populous country in the Arab world, and the third-most populous nation in Africa.

Economic activities are mainly done along the Nile River Valley making Tourism, agriculture and manufacturing industries very vital in the country.

Here are some interesting facts about Egypt.


Cairo became the capital of Egypt in the thirteen century and has managed to have the position for over 1000 years.

According to Egyptian government, the are planning to builda new capital just 48 kilometers from Cairo to the East. The capital will be helping ease congestion in one town by taking over various government departments and ministries, as well as foreign embassies.

Egypt’s Cairo also boasts of a whooping 22 million heads in terms of population making it the largest city in Africa and Middle East.

It is also counted as one among countries with most dense population in the world.


This iconic pyramids, just being among other historic statues, museums, and historic sites, make Egypt a popular tourist destination.

Well, when it comes to pyramids, the city of Giza in Egypt, and the second largest city after Cairo, boasts of these pyramids.

Most people believe that the pyramids of Giza were built by slaves who were ruthlessly tortured by Pharaoh but that is actually wrong.

According to recent studies, the pyramids were built by by a free working class out of love and were honoured by being buried near Pharaoh’s tomb.

The pyramids of Giza were built more that over 1,200 years ago and it’s the oldest and last remaining of the original seven world wonders.


The first ever bread was made in around 8000 BC in Egypt.

During these times, Egyptians used quern to grinde the grain which would later be crushed and make breads.

The first examples of it were flat and unleavened to what commonly known as chapatis in India and tortillas in Mexico.

Cleopatra was a Greek

It comes as a surprise to many who get to know for the first time that one of the most iconic figures in Egypt, Cleopatra VII was not an Egyptian but a Greek.

Despite being born in Alexandria, Egypt, Cleopatra hailed from a long line of Macedonia and became the first of them to speak the Egyptian Language.

The 365 year calendar was invented in Egypt

The ancient Egyptians came with an idea of building solar calendar with a 365-day year and consisted of three seasons having 120 days each which were then divided into four months of 30 days each.

This mainly helped the Egyptians predict the annual floodings of the Nile River.

World’s most oldest dress found in Egypt

Known as the ‘Tarkhan dress’, it was found in Egypt in the 1913 and it’s most possible for one to argue that it was not worn thousands of years ago.

According to researchers who have done thorough study upon the finely made linen, it dated between 3482 and 3103 BC making it the world’s oldest woven garment.

Egypt is home to world’s largest dam

Aswan dam is one of the largest dam in the world. It was built by Egyptians in an aim of containing the wild, raging waters of the world’s longest river the Nile.

It was built in the 70s with a whooping 1 million dollars fund put in the project which later eased the flooding and frustration that came with flooding in Egypt.

The construction of the dam took over 100,000 acres of land.


Football is one of the most popular sport in Egypt although other sports are also played. They love tennis and squash after football.

When it comes to football, the country, through their National team the ‘Pharaohs’ have taken home the African Cup of Nations for seven seasons and managed to rank number nine in FIFA.

Egypt has qualified for FIFA three times with the most recent being in 2018 in Russia.

Renowned footballers from Egypt are, Mohammed Salah, Mohammed Zidan among many others.


The official language of Egypt is Arabic which is used in most written documents and schools.

The Arabi Standard Language is an macrolanguage composed of multiple distinct vernacular dialects.

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Its current form is a mixture of Arabic, Coptic, Turkish, Ottoman, French and Italian influences.

A good percentage of people in the country also understand other languages like French and English.

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