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DP Ruto Denied Chance to Speak at Madaraka Day Fete

A debate has ensued online after Deputy President William Ruto failed to make an address during the Madaraka Day fete at Uhuru Gardens. 

An apparent change of protocol was witnessed after the DP was completely ignored at the national fete that was led by President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

Notably, DP Ruto did not invite the Head of State to speak as it has always been the norm. 

Instead, the president was invited to the podium by the presidential master of ceremonies. 

Also, the Head of State recognized various leaders who graced the event but failed to recognize the presence of the DP. 

While making his speech, Uhuru invited Sierra Leona President Julius Sello who spoke briefly before he continued with his speech. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto PHOTO/COURTESY

During the Labour Day celebrations at the Nyayo National Stadium, Uhuru blasted DP Ruto accusing him of abandoning him at the hour of need. 

He said the DP abandoned him forcing him to run government affairs alone. 

Uhuru also took issue with DP Ruto for blaming him for the high cost of living. He wondered where the DP has been to help him handle the crisis.  

“Instead of coming to help me, you are in the market with insults and calling yourself a number in this nation. You should have let me look for another person who could have helped me,” Uhuru said.

In retaliation, the DP responded to Uhuru stating that the latter should direct his anger to people that took his responsibilities. 

DP Ruto said individuals assigned his duties and his bromance to ODM leader Raila Odinga should be blamed for his woes.

“Sorry my boss, I feel your pain. Those you assigned my responsibilities and “project mzee’ have let you down miserable. They bangled our Big 4, killed our party and wasted your second term 

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“Boss, I am available, just a phone call away. Sadly, last Cabinet was two years ago,” he wrote. 

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