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DP Ruto Blasts Leaders Appointing Family Members to State Jobs

Deputy President William Ruto has launched a scathing attack against leaders who appoint family members to government jobs. 

Speaking during a rally in Bungoma, the DP noted that some elected leaders have the tendency of appointing their relatives to state jobs leaving behind most qualified people. 

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“Wewe tayari ni mkubwa, wewe unachukua ndugu yako na unampatia kazi. (You are a leader and you appoint your sibling to a government job)

“That culture must stop in Kenya, we must have a country that shares opportunity evenly so that even the minority can be part of the decision-making process in our country,” he said.  

As a result, DP Ruto stated that if elected president, he will do away with nepotism and favouritism currently witnessed in the country in order to give equal opportunities. 

“We are committing that we are going to escalate to a fully-fledged commission on matters minorities so that the issue of minorities can be brought to the center of government and minorities stop living in the fringes of our society and they are incorporated properly in all the affairs of the republic of Kenya,” DP Ruto added.  

This comes a day after the DP dismissed claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta rigged elections in the 2017 polls, noting that those who are planning to rig him out in the August 9 polls have panicked. 

“There are people claiming Uhuru stole votes. They were nowhere when we were campaigning for Uhuru. They must respect the President 

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“The people who are talking out loud did nothing to win votes for Uhuru. I did the most campaigns for Uhuru, and I know we won the election fairly. I am not yet tired of seeking this mandate,” he said.

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