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Don’t Lend Money to People Unless There Is Collateral, Joseph Hellon

There has been a discussion on social media that if you lend money to your friend, you lose both your friend and your money.

With that in mind, flamboyant city preacher Apostle Joseph Hellon has advised people against aimlessly lending out money saying they will end up making tremendous losses.

The man of God referenced bank scenarios insisting that when someone asks you for money, they should also give you collateral which will come in handy just in case the default.

“Don’t give money to people. This is because if you go to the bank and you ask them to give you money, the only reason they will lend is if you have the collateral, something they can sell if you default.

So if someone comes to you asking for money, ask them for collateral, that is how money works. If you give out money for free, then you are going to suffer tremendous losses,” said Hellon.

Joseph Hellon. PHOTO | COURTESY

Further, weighing in on helping the poor, the preacher insisted that people should only help the less fortunate who use their brains.

“Only help the poor who are using their brains, for example, if they are in church they are in the church, there are involved in things that help the church,” he added.

He argued that some financially deprived people are in such a state because they are always looking for free things.

Hellon said if poor people could just start solving problems, then they will get out of poverty.

The Man of God’s proposal elicited mixed reactions on social media.

Joash Keya said: “Wealth is all about a combination of hard work, smartness and good luck. If any of them misses then you are messed up. I think am lacking that good luck.”

Nyamwange Ombuna said: “You don’t understand the economics of poverty. You have a very simplistic view of what poverty is.”

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Edwin Orieva opined: “Too academic. Not apostolic.”

Julius Kenya said: “And you call yourself an Apostle.”

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