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Doctor blasts colleague for snatching his wife, shares steamy photos

A Nigerian doctor recently sparked reactions after accusing his colleague of having an affair with his wife.

Through a series of posts on his Facebook page, Dr Anthony Chijoke accused his longtime friend and roommate of years Ozuzu George of colluding with his colleague Dr Signor Amachukwu.

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Chijoke noted that Amachukwu got involved with his wife despite attending and witnessing his marriage ceremony.

In a separate post, the doctor claimed that Amachukwu took his wife to Dubai and Abuja where they spent time together and engaged in sexual activities for weeks.

“A marriage you congratulated me and because of your callousness, you hardened your heart and deceived my wife into following you to dubai and abuja where you slept with her for weeks. I promise to legally deal with you and your promiscuity,” wrote Chijoke.

After their discovery, Chijoke said his colleague claimed that his marriage was not legal, forcing him to attach the marriage certificate on his posts.

“It came to my notice that Dr. Ozuzu George Davidson is making claims that the marriage with my wife wasn’t legal and that was his conviction for going ahead to ruin my home and defile my wife. And even had the gut to text my Dad and threaten for legal actions on me. I have never seen a joke like you,” he added.


Prince Sunday: Just forget about the doctor and deal with the cause of this problems, nobody was forced or deceived to Dubai and Abuja because I guess when this was going on, she made you think she was home. This marriage thing getting more scary every day

Jude Ngozi Divine: Wow, things are happening. This is really bad

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Mss Adaobi: The major fault is from your wife, she gave him the chance to sleep with him

Confidence Ihua Waribo: Boss! Take heart! This your wife is not the ordained one for you. Move on baba! That woman is too promiscuous, her level of promiscuity is glaring & that’s not the plans of God Almighty for you. Leave vengeance to God

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