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Doctor Advises Kenyans to Walk Barefoot, Says It Prevents Chronic Diseases

A Kenyan doctor has advised people against wearing shoes, arguing that walking barefoot will help them evade chronic pains and diseases.

Hamisi Kote Ali, who has not worn shoes for two years now, said that walking barefoot helps one to connect with mother nature.

Speaking to NTV, the medic explained that the body is filled with electrolytes and whenever one puts feet on the ground, the body is recharged.

“Our body is filled with electrolytes, that whenever we put our feet on the ground, it’s like we recharge our body. All of us walk around with a lot of inflammation, put your feet down on the ground touch dirt, play with dirt and see most of the chronic pains and illness you have will disappear,” said Kote.

The medical practitioner disclosed that walking barefoot, a move he emulated from monks in Thailand, helped him cure the back pains that had challenged him for years.

“I started developing low back pain and a time I travelled to Thailand to stay with some monks and I realised they don’t wear shoes. They stay most of the time without shoes. And I was very curious to know why. I was healed after I started walking barefoot,” he added.

Further, since he started walking barefoot, the doctor said he does not experience gas, constipation or acidity in his body.

Hamisi Kote’s feet. PHOTO | COURTESY

Kenyans on social media expressed varied reactions to Kote’s move.

Nanyonga Azidah said: “Seriously??? As a doctor can’t he find another way of preventing chronic illnesses than walking barefooted. This world is not a joke.”

Violet Ambani said: “I will agree with him coz we use to go to school without shoes and now we r growing old healthier, strong and energetic.”

Esther Ndiangui said: “Yes, I have also been Walking in my compound barefoot especially when am washing, semeni backache kuisha.”

Anne Njoguh said: “I somehow agree with him if you’re doing it on grass, especially in the morning when the dew is still there.”

Sylvia Nabwire Wandera said: “He is very correct it is called grounding if you have anxiety and panic attacks this can really help you get back to reality in no time.”

Roser Tabby said: “I can’t imagine walking barefoot in the hospital corridors and public toilets..the only place I can walk barefoot is in my house.”

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