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Day Boda Boda Operators Asked Uhuru To Allow Them Fight With Police (VIDEO)

If one keeps the fire of persistence burning, then they can be sure to witness their wish being granted someday.

Now, a past video has emerged of a group of Boda Boda riders challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta to allow them fight with police.

In the video, a Boda Boda man sends a passionate appeal to the head of state to allow the operators fight with police over what they term as harrassment after curfew hours.

“Tunaomba Rais atangaze ya kwamba police na Boda Boda ni vita ili pia sisi Boda Boda ikifika saa moja tuwe tumejipanga kuwa tutapigana na polisi.

“Tunaomba Rais atangaze kama ni vita pia sisi tujipange,” recapitulates the rider.

The undated clip has many Kenyans cracking jokes saying the riders’ wish has so far been granted.

The President on Tuesday, March 8 sent a warning to the operators saying they will not be allowed to misbehave.

Speaking during the International Women’s Day, Uhuru said the government would not relent until there was order in the sector.

“We want to support the bodaboda business but it is not a license for a boda boda to do drive-by shootings. And most definitely it is not a license for you to strip and remove dignity from our women,” said the president as he ordered a countrywide crackdown.

Since Wednesay, the operators have faced off with police as the latter enforce the presidential directive.

The crackdown follows an incident on Forest Road where a Zimbabwean diplomat was sexually harassed by a group of rowdy operators after she had knocked a delivery man on motorbike.

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