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David Moya Offers to Reconcile Harmonize with Ex-Lover Kajala

Kenyan Tik Tok sensation David Moya has offered to help celebrated Tanzanian singer Harmonize reunite with his ex-lover actress Frida Kajala.

For some time now, the Bongo singer has been ‘simping’, trying to win Kajala back whom he broke up with in April 2021, after he allegedly eyed her daughter Paula.

The Matatizo hitmaker’s quest to win back Kajala escalated after he broke up with his Australian girlfriend Briana.

He has since been begging the actress to take him back claiming he has never been happy since they parted ways.

In his attempts to win her back, the singer went ahead and bought flowers for Kajala, splashed millions on a billboard begging her to forgive him but all has been in vain.

Moya offers to help

Consequently, Moya, who doubles up as a choreographer, took to his Instagram saying he was ready to help Harmonize reunite with Kajala.

The lad, who is known for surprising people with swift dance moves before offering them flowers thus putting a smile on their faces, said he was ready to pull the same moves for Kajala who he said will, in turn, reunite with Harmonize.

Through his Insta stories, he shared a screenshot of his message to Harmonize while calling upon netizens to tell the singer to respond to his message.

“Tell Harmonize to reply to my message so that I can help him get back together with Kajala. Am the only best man fit for the job. I do it smooth and easy, Mi Amor,” Moya said.

In his message, he told Harmonize that he had played a role in reuniting couples.

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“Hello, I hope this finds you well. My name is Moya David and from Kenya. Am best known for creating smiles mostly to ladies through surprises and gifting them flowers and chocolates and I also play a major role in reuniting partners. Of late I have seen you trying to get your ex back, I believe that am in a position to assist and fit for that particular job. Just halla me my brother let’s do this asap,” said Moya.

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