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Cosmo Choy: DP Ruto Staunch Supporter Apologises for Insulting Mama Ngina

A foreign-based Kenyan has apologised after hurling unprintable insults at former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta in a viral video. 

Cosmo Choy, a staunch supporter of Deputy President William Ruto recorded a video hurling insults at Mama Ngina accusing her of feeling entitled. 

Following outrage on social media, Cosmo has since apologized stating that he was hurt by Mama Ngina’s remarks. 

“I’m here strongly to apologise to the Kenyatta family, Mama Ngina and outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta. I’m sorry for the remarks that I made a few days ago and on behalf of my family, I do apologise. Pole sana. I didn’t mean it  

“Mama aliingia kwa siasa na akaongea ju ya Ruto na mimi na penda Ruto lakini siasa ni mbaya. I do apologize. Pole sana. It’s something sweet to have a mum,” Cosmo said in a video on his social media pages. 

Speaking during a funeral in Gatundu, Mama Ngina drummed up support for ODM leader Raila Odinga who will be contesting for presidency in the August 9 polls. 

The former First Lady slammed those who opposed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s preffered successor Raila Odinga noting that they don’t mean well for Kenyans. 

The former First Lady equally told off politicians who have been insulting Uhuru attributing their behaviour to poor upbringing. 

“Depending on how one is raised up, that is the exact same behaviour they will carry with them. If you were not taught to go insulting people, then you will not do it 

“I want to tell those who are engaging in insults that we will leave them like that, if at all they were taught insults while growing up, that is up to them,” Mama Ngina said. 

Cosmo Choy’s remarks have elicited a protest among women with a majority of Kenyans castigating the DP Ruto supporter.

On Thursday, March 24, a section of Nairobi women leaders took to Nairobi CBD streets to protest against insults directed at Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Among those who showed up for the protest include; Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu, Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris and Gender CAS Rachel Shebesh 

“The Women of Kenya condemn the obscene utterances made against the honour of former First Lady and mother of our nation Mama Ngina Kenyatta. We demand an apology from DP, and ask him to rein in his supporters as their remarks, if not condemned, are condoned by him,” wrote Passaris on Twitter.

Choy’s apology did not sit well with netizens who called him out over his remarks despite the apology. 

Cyrus Ong’era: Before you apologize sermon your girls and translate to them your utterances if they clap for you then come and apologize. 

Ong’eta Ondieki: Whichever way Cosmo and Vulgarity is inseparable. So unfortunate for a grown man like him

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MK Nyabochoa: There is nothing between your ears. You are as useless as anything next to you. Your apologies are unwelcome, already the damage has been done. Keep those apologies to yourself. Shenzi sana. 

Jacopinde Collins: Respect to women is a must! Stop whistling in the darkness, but make it to Kenya and apologize unreservedly. 

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