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Confusion as Man Stands Still in Middle of a Busy Road (VIDEO)

A young Tanzanian man brought Arusha to a standstill after standing in the middle of a busy road without making any kind of movements.

In a rather bizzare incident, the man disrupted traffic on the road as people gathered around him in a bid to understand what was amiss.

According to videos widely shared on social media, the man stood still on the road forcing motorists to drive around him while staring at him. 

A witness who spoke to a local publication said the man was crossing the road when he suddenly stopped, opining that witchcraft was involved in the incident. 

The young man moved after another tapped him thrice on the shoulder while calling his name, something that brought him out of trance-like state, before leading him away. 

“It seemed like his brain hanged for a while. This is the first time such an incident has happened here, and that is why it attracted a huge crowd,” he said. 


Iman Said: Only Allah knows why he did that.

Joseph Guerino: I think another person dared him to do it. Anything is possible. Let us not assume dark powers were involved.

James James: Where were police officers? If I brought my pitbull and set it on him, I bet he would run away.  

Faridah Mkesho: Unfortunately he might be suffering 

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