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Con Artist Swindles 7 Kenyan Women KSh 3.5 Million In Romance Scam

At least seven hopeless romantic women are counting losses and nursing broken hearts after being defrauded over KSh 3.5 million in fake love promises.
All the seven fell for Emmanuel Gift Masinde’s well crafted Twitter inbox messages where he made alluring promises of a lifetime commitment, endless love and cute babies.
The ladies would later shower their 27-year-old potential husband with huge sums of borrowed money that they are currently struggling to repay after it all turned out to be a mirage.
Speaking to Daily Nation, the victims described Masinde as a smartly dressed young and smart man, living life on the fast lane, who later turned out to be a liar.
Masinde would DM the desolate women on Twitter, promise them out of the world love and when they were at their weakest point, dupe them into sending him money.
In one instance, a 28-year-old female lawyer said she honestly wired his would-be lover KSh 1.2 million after he made a passionate appeal claiming he was in a fix and needed money.
The lawyer said all she wanted was to settle down and did not see the harm of bailing out Masinde, who had promised to espouse her.
However, the lawyer realised the man was fooling her after establishing he had copy-pasted their exact messages and sent them to other ladies making similar requests.
In his swindling scheme, the man faked documents, bank checks, and associated himself with senior government officials including a former National Land Commission (NLC) official whom he claims is his mother.
He told the ladies he runs his family’s chopper hiring business and had shared in various companies.
“His way of borrowing money is very well-calculated and backed by irrefutable evidence and receipts. Masinde told me that his family owned a regional company that rents out and sells choppers and that they had sold one to the family of a very powerful politician.
He claimed, however, that his mother’s bank account was frozen due to ongoing corruption investigations. I gave him a total of Sh1,220,000 because he had told me that they urgently needed the money to pay for the chopper’s insurance cover,” the lawyer said.
Gift Masinde has denied any romantic involvement with the women who have since formed a WhatsApp Group. PHOTO | COURTESY

The man drove high-end cars, owned deluxe gadgets, lived in a furnished apartment, a luxurious lifestyle that was sponsored by the women he conned.
In another instance, Masinde duped another woman who is a director of a big company in Nairobi.
He slid into her Twitter DM and after physical dates, he claimed he had imported a BMW-X-5 and needed KSh 933890 in taxes.
Masinde promised the lady that he would sell her the car at a fair price after its release from the Mombasa port. The deal was too good for the lady to resist. She took a loan and sent him the cash.
For the third lady to con, he told her he wanted money to buy drugs for his ailing diabetic mother and she sent him KSh 450,000.
He also conned a 23-year-old nursing student based in the United Kingdom KSh 188,000.
Questioned about the ladies’ allegations, the man denied any romantic involvement with them.
The victims have since formed a WhatsApp Group named ‘co-wives’ where they are crafting how they will get their money back from the suspected con.
They have recorded statements at the KICC Police Station.

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