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Common Characteristic of Nairobi slayqueens

You’ve probably heard about this new breed of ladies a million times!

A slay queen is that girl who wouldn’t eat githeri or ugali. That woman who only dates wealthy and good-looking men who can take her on expensive dates and vacations, when back at home she is nothing short of a chicken chaser.

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Slay queens are those women whose photos on social media have no fault, no scars on their skin, with too many filters.

They always want to show how perfect their lifestyle and beauty is, but never really know basic English, like the difference between “we’re” and “were”. These women tweng harder than PLO Lumumba and can’t be corrected.

A slay queen believes she can be worshipped by men, and will keep you burning in the sun while waiting for her to arrive three hours later without an apology!

Below are some common characteristics of slay queens:

Party Life

Slay queens believe that partying is part of the ‘good life’ despite having puked in all bathrooms of Nairobi clubs.

If you ask about local music and musicians like “Prezzo” she’ll pretend she’s never heard of them, but will twerk her ass out while singing along to the lyrics of gengetone at the top of her voice.

Absurd preferences for men

Slay queens have ridiculous double standards when it comes to the kinds of men they want to date. Most times, they do not deserve those men at all!

Money comes first for a slay queen, followed by looks. These girls do not care if the men they are dating are decent or smart, as long as the man can give her money and take her on expensive vacations and looks good.

My man, if you do not drive or live in Runda, Lavington or Kitusuru, just mind your own business.

Social media addicts

A slay queen will spend all day on snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram taking pictures and videos showing off her beauty, assets and expensive things that don’t belong to her.

They like oversharing on social media, posting about how their weekend went down, things like “men are trash” and about being depressed to get attention.

Always updated on new trends

Any trending thing with monetary connection will be known to slay queens!

They will know about the latest millionare, the newest mall in town, the latest fashion trends and about the trending safari rally in Naivasha.

They will always want to look cool and updated and will spend most of their money on expensive clothes, shoes, hair, make up and nails just to impress.

Accent and connotations

Slay queens like to use phrases like, “oh my Gosh!”, “whareva”, “I knoooow” depending on what you are talking about.

They will tweng despite having very poor grammar, and if you try correcting her, she will get angry and feel offended by you.

Slay queens rarely know the difference between basic English connotations and words like “we’re” and “were”.

Obsession for pictures and excess filters

Slay queens have an obsession for pictures and she will spend almost all her money and time taking them.

She will take hundreds of pictures and only pick one from them all. She will then go ahead and make you edit them to perfection. She will make her skin lighter, assets bigger and perfect just to look like a model or celebrity she likes.

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A slay queen will surprise you with her unmatched knowledge about Cardi B, and the Kardashians when she knows nothing about the BBI or the Cabinet Secretary for Finance or even the National Anthem.

Ask her to open her laptop and check its RAM and you will be surprised with what you are dating!

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