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Comedian Flaqo Raz Says He Made KSh 20 Million During COVID-19 Pandemic

Content creator Erastus Otieno, popularly known as Flaqo Raz has disclosed how he reaped big from his career during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In an interview with Plug TV, the comic said he raked in a lot of money during the period mostly from adverts that came his way. 

However, Flaqo said it got to a point where he felt it was eating into his artistic life. 

On how much he made during the COVID-19 pandemic, Flaqo said; 

“It could have reached Sh 20 million. I am not sure but it’s possible, however, that’s just during the Covid period. But I got derailed during that period 

“The more there is money, it takes away the artistic value and humour of my comedy. What matters to me is the art, before the money.”

Comedian Flaqo Raz PHOTO/COURTESY

The comedian also explained his decision to take a one year break from comedy, noting that he needed time to have his mental health in check. 

Flaqo encouraged creatives to consider taking breaks from their craft once in a while. 

“It is important to take a break. I took a whole year break just coz I needed to fix my mind. I didn’t share with people but comedy can mess up with your mind and creatives understand that. It is very important to refresh during that break

“Social media is crazy and at some point, comedians want to remain strong for their fans. You have to give quality and so if you lose track, you end up being trolled. A break is important. Creatives can run mad if we are not careful,” Flaqo said. 

Flaqo also revealed that he has been battling depression over the past one year, however, expressing confidence that he will come out of it sooner. 

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“…I called Bien and I started talking about things that don’t make sense. Nikikumbuka vitu niliambia Bien right now I feel embarrassed but it’s something I’ve overcome in the past one year because I realized I needed to know how to control all these things because I learn as I go,” he said.

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