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Chimano: Sauti Sol band member comes out as member of LGBTQ community

Sauti Sol band member, Willis Austin Chimano has finally cleared the air on his sexual orientation followimg years of speculations and rumours.

Speaking about his latest project, Friday Feeling, the musician godly disclosed that he is a member of the controversial LGBTQ+ community.

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Maintaining that he no longer wants to live a lie by hiding his true identity, Chimano said the project is a true representation on who he is.

“It is the first time I am expressing myself in a song. You really get to know who Chimano is and that is a heavy crown to carry

“It is just a representation of the underground ballroom culture within the queer community which I am part of,” Chimano declared.

Chimano explained that he felt it was time to come out and publicly declare what makes him happy, adding that sexual orientation does not define anyone.

“So, I am just laying everything bare; from now on, there is no more hiding. Sexuality does not define you. It is just about me putting myself out there, my creativity and living my truth

“Figure out what your own happiness is most importantly with yourself. Gather your own life,” he added.

In May this year, former BBC journalist Njeri Makena revealed that she is also a member of the queer community.

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“My name is Chris Njeri Makena. I am happy, I am free and I am bold. For a very long time, I could never introduce myself like this but somewhere along the journey, I started to discover what it meant to live your truth. I started to discover who I was and I decided to be loyal to my authenticity,” she said.

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