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Carol Njogu: Robin Njogu’s wife recalls day departed husband lost Capital FM’s car in moving tribute

Departed Radio Citizen Managing Editor Robin Njogu’s wife, Carol Njogu on Thursday, March 25 read out a heartfelt eulogy to her late husband.

In her tribute read by Pauline Chegu, a close family friend, Carol recalled how Njogu who then worked for Capital FM lost the company’s car on one of their outings.

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Carol explained that he had been assigned to cover a story when he decided to pass by her house.

Unfortunately, as he sneaked in to see her, robbers who had committed a crime in the area found the driver inside the car and commandeered him.

“He had been assigned some news story to cover. He stopped by our house in Jericho to say ‘Hi’. He was using the company’s car. He asked the driver to park and wait for him

“As he sneaked in to see me, some guys had just committed a crime in the neighbourhood and found a car with a driver,” she wrote.

She added;

“They jumped in and commandeered the driver. Just like that, a company car was missing because of Robin. He had stopped on his way to see me. I don’t know how he got away with that.”

Carol also recalled the first day she met Njogu, revealing that he approached her the day she reported to (Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC).

“As I struggled with my bags at the gate, a man approached me and offered to help. Ignoring him, I hastened my steps towards the hostels

“I knew there and then that this was the kind of men I was warned against. I looked back at a distance to make sure he had gone away only to find him unmoved looking at me with that smile he always had,” wrote Carol.

Njogu did not give up yet, he bumped into her a few days later and asked to borrow KSh 100 before returning it later marking the genesis of their relatioship.

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A few days later, he approached me and asked to borrow Ksh 100. I did not ask any question. I gave him and continued on my way. One week later he found me and returned the Ksh 100, that’s how we started but then again that’s my story. If Robin were here, he would have told a different side of the story,” she added.

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