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Businessman Peter Waweru confirms he is married to Woman Rep Kate Waruguru

Popular businessman Peter Waweru has disclosed that he officially tied the knot with Laikipia woman representative Cate Waruguru.

Waweru who is currently the Kirinyaga County Chamber of Commerce chairman opened about their marriage while urging people to respect the politician as her second wife.

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While speaking at an interview with Word Is, the businessman asked people to stopped referring to Waruguru as his girlfriend but as wife.

Waweru confirmed that their union is known by both parents and have been blessed.

“Cate is my wife and people should stop saying we are dating or whatever they say. She is my wife and we live together,” he said.

“I have even done the first part of dowry payment ‘kuhanda ithigi’ to prove she is my wife.”

Speaking about his previous relationship with Zipporah Njoki, he said that they parted ways two years ago.

“She is my ex-wife and we are in the process of divorcing. Cate is no longer my girlfriend and that nonsense of we are cohabiting should stop. Those are allegations.”

Waweru also trashed rumours that his wife Waruguru attacked Njoki on Wednesday in a dramatic scene in Bamburi.

“I have three kids and since I’m taking care of them, I had visited my children and later stories were shared online that I had gone there to beat her. I was accompanied by my sister and Cate was not there,” he said.

He said the scene was just created by a different politician who failed in pursuing him only to tarnish Waruguru’s name.

“There is a female politician who was pursuing me but failed terribly, so they are using this story to fight Cate and her political position.”

When asked how he and Waruguru met, the businessman said that they have known each other since their childhood.

He also revealed that he used to share his marital issues with the politician and that is how their chemistry started.

Since she was single and I was not comfortable with my marriage due to irreconcilable differences, mostly alcoholism issues,” he said.

We differed because of that and I decided to leave and look for a legal way to take care of my children.

When Word Is, reached out to Waruguru, the politician also confirmed that they were childhood friends and are now husband and wife.

“He has come home and my family knows him and we are looking forward to completing the customary marriage process. On the recent issue, I wasn’t there and so he can respond to that.”

Waweru and her ex wife broke up in what the businessman said they faced a lot of marital issues among them alcoholism.

Njoki however broke her silence trashing alcoholism claims and abandoning her family leaving Waruguru to take care of it.

“Later he left with the parents and came back, confessed to me that he wants to marry a second wife, who is Waruguru.

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“He told me I have to either accept Waruguru to be the second wife or I leave that house. And I declined and he left completely.”

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