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Bungoma Men Arrested After Hanging On a Chopper During Former MP John Serut’s Burial

Drama ensued in Bungoma on Saturday, March 5 after two men dangerously hanged on a chopper carrying a section of Kenya Kwanza leaders. 

The incident happened in Kasakwony, Mt Elgon during the burial of former MP John Serut. 

As Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala and other leaders left, the two men clung to the flying chopper as it rises from the ground. 

It took moments before the captain realized and lowered the chopper for the two men to descend from the chugging bird.

They were arrested by the police immediately after they touched down.  

It took time before the captain realized and lowered the chopper for the two men to descend. PHOTO/COURTESY

In 2016, a similar incident was witnessed in Bungoma after Saleh Wanjala, famously “Bungoma James Bond”, hanged on a chopper that was carrying the body of slain businessman Jacob Juma. 

Locals wailed in fear and wonder as the man dangerously held on to the chopper. 

The pilot was then forced to take the man to Bungoma airstrip, where he descended and hovered a few metres over the runway, allowing the man to drop from the chopper.

He sustained serious injuries on his forehead and legs. 

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