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Brenda Jons opens up on being suicidal, drinking too much

Actress Brenda Jons has opened up on her struggles with mental health issues.

In an update on her Instagram page, the actress noted that she has been doing things that she has never done before, further stating that she has been drinking too much lately.

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“Lately, a lot has been happening and I’ve been very emotional about a lot of things. My mental health has been challenged ,I’ve found myself doing things I never thought I’d do

“I’ve found myself drinking too much, over eating, not eating at all, crying too much, all extremes on feelings and emotions,” Brenda noted.

The former Auntie Boss actress also confessed that she has been suicidal although wearing a happy face in the public.

“I’ve been suicidal and felt like I just want to stop the noise from the world in my life. I look happy, I look okay but deep down I’m breaking and going nuts. I just want genuine freedom and rest,” she added.

Brenda also explained that she shared her experience to encourage those going through the same, also noting that she is taking a break to focus on herself.

“Why I’m I sharing this? Not for pity or consolation, no. I know it will remind someone that it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to take a break from the world and focus on yourself

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“So I’m taking a healthy break from everything, I just need to stay quiet and listen to myself and heal. I don’t know how but i know that i have genuine people in my life and I am sure things will work out for me,” she concluded.

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