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Brave Man Arrested as He Protests Against High Cost of Living: ‘The Poor Are Dying’

A middle-aged man caused a scene outside the National Treasury building after staging a protest over the high cost of living in the country. 

In a video widely circulated on social media, the man could be heard declaring that he was ready to face anything, including death for his people. 

The man made his declaration as four plainclothes officers arrest him and threw him inside a General Service Unit (GSU) lorry moments before he was taken to a waiting police ban and taken to Central Police Station. 

“I’m ready to die for freedom, I’m ready to die for my people, I’m ready to die for justice. We want food, we are hungry… The government should resign,” he said.

The incident sparked reactions on social media with netizens taking issue with police manhandling the protestor. 

Ronnie Chirchir: To be honest this man has not done any harm to anyone. Look at these people mishandling a peaceful demonstrator. The government of the day has failed and that is a fact. 

Lydia Mathia: One person with all those officers!? Wow! Why is he being handled that way? 

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Kenneth Kodinyo: Why is the government panicking? The way they are handling one protester speaks volumes, what if Kenyans were to come out in large numbers and join the man being manhandled? I think the government is afraid of Kenyans, but Kenyans are too timid to see it. 

Boaz Chahasi: I love the courage in Him, he is representing every Kenyan including police officers, and they are Mishandaling him. We want freedom of expression.

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