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Boy mistakenly buys ice cream worth KSh 280k using mother’s credit card

A 4-year-old boy mistakenly ordered ice cream worth KSh 280,000 ( $2,618.85) using her mother’s credit card from Amazon.

The young one, Noah Bryant, ordered boxes of popsicles themed to the popular kids show SpongeBob SquarePants.

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To make it worse, Bryant’s order was non-refundable leaving the mother in a financial mess.

Friends through to the help of the family by setting up a GoFundMe account that would help recover the mess.

According to Katie Schloss university, the 51 boxes contained 918 popsicles each.

Jennifer Bryant was in a dilemma trying to figure out how she would recover the money. The mother of three noted that she had accumulated students loans.

She was however, at ease on Monday,May 5 as people of goodwill helped her raise ($3,675) KSh 379,00.

Jennifer thanked everyone who came through to assist her.

Here are comment from social media users.

@ShayInLa: “That’s why you shouldn’t have automatic sign-in if you have kids! I’m surprised she couldn’t sell at least some to a small corner store.”

@brittynthejets: “And he’ll do it again.”

@Lordkek8: “Look at the grin he knows what he did.”

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@grandfauva: “My son would become the ice cream man immediately… Most of that is getting sold so he can buy more and sell more. This habit about to pay for itself kiddo.”

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