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Ben Githae Heaps Praise on Victoria Rubadiri During Live TV Interview:’ ‘You’re so Beautiful’

Musician Ben Githae doesn’t shy off from speaking his mind as seen in a video widely circulated on social media. 

In the video, Githae calmly compliments Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri before proceeding to answer a question he had been asked by the anchor. 

“Before I introduce myself, let me take this opportunity to say you are so beautiful. You are exactly as I see you on TV,” Githae said. 

Rubadiri who was caught unawares by the compliment laughed it off, even finding the comment amusing.

” What a way to woo the interviewer!” she said.

Githae was appearing on Citizen TV to discuss the role of music in politics, especially during the election nearing period. 

The musician released the famous ‘Tano Tena’ song where he campaigned for President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto during the 2017 General Elections. 

Githae argues that the song is impactful and it opened countless opportunities for him.

In November 2019, Githae told off a section of Kenyans online who demanded him to apologise over the song claiming that Uhuru and Ruto had failed the country. 

In response, the musician said he had no apologies to make and explained that Uhuru’s party did not contract him to compose the song.

“I saw an opportunity and seized it. I said to myself that I do not have money to support the presidential campaigns but I have a gift I can use. So why not do a song, record a simple video for it and share it amongst the people to test its reception?” He said. 

Githae further dismissed claims that the song influenced many Kenyans into voting for Uhuru and Ruto. 

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“The president was voted for by over 8 million Kenyans, the ones claiming my song guided their choice of candidates are lying. How can such a huge mass be influenced by a person of my stature?” He posed. 

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