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Bangladesh: Facts about country that is home to the rare Royal Bengal Tiger

Formerly known as East Pakistan, Bangladesh is a South Asian to the east of India on the Bay of Bengal marked by lush greenery and many waterways.

The county’s Padma (Ganges), Meghna and Jamuna rivers create fertile plains, and travel by boat is common.

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In Bangladesh, many meals have a rich, spicy flavor and contain fish, beef, chicken or egg.

In fact, rice is a staple of the Bangladeshi diet and is often served with vegetables and lentils.

In the north and west regions of the country, curry is popular and considered the national dish with the region enjoying dishes made from bamboo shoots, dried fish, coconut and sour sauces.


Nearly 90% of Bangladeshi people identify as Muslim – making Bangladesh one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.

The remaining population is primarily Hindu, Christian and Buddhist or part of another religion.


In urban areas of Bangladesh, many people wear wear fashionable clothing while those in the countryside don traditional garments.

Saris are common garments among women and are made by draping a length of cloth to form a skirt and top.

On the other hand, men traditionally wear punjabis, a knee-length cotton dresses.


On February 21 1952, numerous citizens fought to establish ‘Bangla’ as the official language of Bangladesh.

They raised their voice against an unjust decision to make ‘Urdu’ the official language of our country, and as a result, UNESCO declared February 21 the International Mother Language Day.

On this day our citizens wake up very early in the morning, walk barefooted to Shaheed Minar to place flowers on its steps.

Sixty Dome Mosque

Bangladesh is home to the famous Sixty Dome Mosque declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.

It is the largest mosque from the Sultanate period in Bangladesh.

Its founder Khan Al-Azam Ulugh Khan Jahan, alias Khan Jahan Ali cleared up a dense forest in the Sundarbans area to settle people, further building numerous mosques, madrasas, roads, bridges, and big ponds.

Second fastest river

Bangladesh has numerous gorgeous natural attractions among them the second fastest river in the world, named Padma.

Other than Padma, there are also more than 700 rivers located in Bangladesh.

They include Jamuna and Meghna.

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Royal Bengal Tiger

The country is also home to the Royal Bengal Tiger found in Sundarbans forest in Bengali. You can hear the roar of a Royal Bengal Tiger from 3 km away.

The Sundarbans provides a unique ecosystem and a rich wildlife habitat.

In addition, the forest hosts lizards, crocodiles, boars, jungle fowls, monkeys and a countless variety of beautiful birds.

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