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Anne Wamuratha: Outrage as Video Of Politician Throwing Cake at a Crowd Emerges

A video of a Kiambu politician throwing pieces of cake to a crowd has emerged on social media sparking outrage. 

Anne Muratha who is contesting for the Kiambu Woman Rep seat was sharing a cake with other politicians before she turned to the crowd and ‘threw’ the cake to it. 

In the video, the United Democratic Alliance politician threw pieces of cake to the crowd which caused a commotion while scrambling for the snack. 

“I wanted you, people, to line up properly, can you push behind?” Muratha said before she started throwing the pieces of cake. 

The video angered netizens sparking mixed reactions with social media users questioning her leadership qualities. 

Wairimu Wa Mahinge: What level of nonsense, disrespect is this? And the people screaming for that cake have no self respect!

Halligan Agade: Surely! Why would people/ humans be categorized as chicken as in she’s throwing cake to them literally and they are happy and excited? There is a reason why we are humans and not animals. Never go this low as a human being! 

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Douglas Wathuta: That’s how Chicken and dogs are fed in the village. Where is human dignity? 

Mike Muchiri: Waah. This is so disrespectful. How can you do that to human beings. And how I respected Wamuratha.

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