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Amber Ray plays the victim while addressing drama with co-wife Amirah

Socialite Amber has shared her side of story after the drama witnessed at her residence in syokimau with her co-wife amirah.

According to the socialite she has been receiving a lot of unnecessary hatred on social media just because she is a second wife.

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The socialite said that the drama commenced immediately after she arrived from machakos and found a dead bird placed at her gate.

“Even if I’m the second wife I have not killed anyone and I have been getting so much hatred and Negative energy from social media and it all because of this. I reached a point I had to stand up for myself.

She narrated that after that she went into her kitchen and started cooking before Amirah started calling her every dirty names.

Amber accused Amira of calling her a prostitute and a witch who used black magic to seduce their husband Jamal.

You can’t keep on insulting me using my past to make me look bad.” She posed.

Amber further asked Amira to cool and be calm and accept the fact that they are and will continue sharing Jamal.

Katiba imekubali, even if am a second wife, I have not killed anyone… you try so much kunivuruga. Ahata hiyo siku angekuja tu and knock at my place am not a mad person ati nimvuruge…I don’t mind listening to her story but don’t a crucify me because am a second wife.

Amber also told off Amirah over claims that she is a pretender who seeks sympathy from Kenyans.

“I’m not on you case, you are on my case. Yes, I am a second wife, you were there before me but it doesn’t give you any right to feel like you can walk over me. And by you coming to my house I have every right to defend myself. You came insulting me, saying huyo Mwanamke ni Malaya vile anavaa”

She dismissed claims that she used black magic to win over the heart of Jamal stating that he himself approached her and professed his love for her and asked her hand in marriage.

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It was Jamal’s choice to make me his second wife and I didn’t not kill anyone” Amber said.

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