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Allan Khaemba: Man With Extra Fingers, Toes Denied Chance to Join Police Force for Fifth Time

Hopes for a 25-year-old man from Tuti Marakaru in Kanduyi, Bungoma county to join the National Police Service (NPS) have been dimmed thanks to his extra fingers and toes.

Allan Khaemba, for the fifth time, was among the hundreds of young people who thronged Uwanja Ndege hoping to be recruited into the service.

However, the vicenarian was turned away by the recruiting officers, who insisted that he had a disability contrary to the admission requirements.

Khaemba has an extra finger on each of his hands and an extra toe on each of his legs totalling 12 fingers and 12 toes.

“I was born with these fingers and toes and I believe they should not hinder me in any way from joining the police force since I am healthy,” said Khaemba.

The disappointed man said it was unfair to be denied the chance to join the service, questioning how extra fingers and toes would deter him from executing his duties.

Allan Khaemba. PHOTO | COURTESY

He implored the Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi and Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to intervene so that he could realise his dreams.

“I don’t see any challenge with these fingers and toes, because this is just something I was born with and they can’t hinder me from dealing with Al-Shabaab,” he added.

Should he be given a chance, the young man said he intends to help wipe out insecurity, wishing to be posted in the war-torn Baringo country to fight the bandits.

The man, who scored a C (plain) in KCSE, comes from a humble background and hoped to secure the job to help his parents and younger siblings.

Social media users expressed varied reactions after the man was turned away. 

Mary Musungu said: “How will extra fingers and toes prevent this man from doing his job? It’s not his wish to be like that why punish him for things he has no control over? May God remember him for another greater opportunity.”

Stephenstone Okumu said: “That’s enough, let him look for another occupation/profession.”

Nyarwan Essie said: “This is being unfair, humiliating him coz of something he never chose to have, I don’t think if he had five set he would have qualified they could have pointed another set back to disqualify him.”

Anthony Argut said: “You were fearfully And wonderfully made By God. Who Is Man to reject you For Fifth Time Baba Nani?.”

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Sumba Kevin said: “That’s merely poly pentadactyly! I didn’t know it could deter someone from performing some given tasks.”

Polydactyly means having an extra finger and or toe and can range from a barely observable, undeveloped digit to a fully developed, functioning digit.

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