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Akothee bashes family for linking her to the Illuminati, Sister-in-law’s death

Award winning musician, Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee has bashed family members for linking her to the Illuminati.

Taking it to her social media pages, the outspoken singer complained of rumours being spread by her family members that she drank the blood of her late sister-in-law.

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The singer, went ahead to write a long post where she stated that death is inevitable, and her haters are only trying to bring her down with the fake accusations.

It’s with deep sorrows that we pretend to love and support each other, yet we are devils. The amount of hypocrisy is too much. I am sad that people I call family regard me as ILLUMINATI and that I’m drinking my own sister-in-law’s blood. Well, death is inevitable, and today it’s here, tomorrow it’s there,” she wrote.

According to Akothee, the people spreading the rumours know her very well but just want to disrespect her.

She advised her family to stop the hate and jealousy and start appreciating her success.

I just grew up with you guys, some have even seen my journey, and today, nobody appreciates it… So none of you saw me growing to this level, or is it poverty that brings this pain?” she posed.

The Akothee Safaris CEO further wondered why the come to her when they need help yet she is a member of the Illuminati.

Illuminati is secret society that claims to posses superior enlightenment.

What surprises me is you still come to ask for help from Illuminati. Why is it so?” she posed.

Akothee further confirmed her earlier statement that everyone will die, warning that her sister-in-law’s death is not something to make jokes with.

Who is above death? My sister-in-law, who passed on, has finished their journey, and it’s nothing to smile about. Whoever thinks it’s a story to laugh about should continue doing that because today death is in our home, and tomorrow it goes somewhere else.”

The singer shared photos of her sister-in-law being laid to rest after passing on while in Uganda.

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“Fare thee well, Mama,” she captioned the photos.

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