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Aida Alisha: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Says She Met Abusive Ex-Husband in Church

Former Mother-In-Law actress Aida Alisha popularly known as Olive has opened up on her failed relationship. 

Speaking in an interview with Lynn Ngugi on her YouTube channel, the actress disclosed that she met her abusive ex-husband in church. 

Alisha said she knew her husband for a year before getting married, adding that she started noticing the red flags after marriage. 

She noted that women would call her husband at night and ask where he was. 

“He was Luo and I was Kikuyu. I knew him for a year before we got married. I started seeing the red flags after marriage. Women were calling him at night asking where he was

“I would call the women and demand to know why they were calling my man. The man would say the women were not over him,” Alisha said. 


Disclosing that she got married aged 21, Alisha said she was under pressure from the church to get into marriage with her 28-year-old ex-husband. 

Alisha added that they both grew up in abusive families and thus the violence in their marriage. 

“There is pressure from the church for people to get married. The guy was 28 and I was 21, I did not know much and I was at the peak of my career. When I look back I think we had trauma bonding

“His dad was very abusive and so was my dad. At the time I did not know much about trauma bonding. When you are raised in an abusive relationship you either become the abuser or the victim,” she said. 

The actress also disclosed that her mum walked out of her marriage because her dad was abusive. 

“My dad was abusive so my mum left. I thank God for that because it molded me so much. If my mother had never left I would have stayed in my abusive marriage

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“The worst lie people tell is if a man does not beat you he does not love you,” Alisha said.

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