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Actress Nice Githinji Opens Up on Dating Multiple Partners at The Same Time

Popular actress Nice Githinji has disclosed that she is in a polyamorous relationship. 

Speaking in a recent interview, the actress noted that she embraces open relationships, adding that she is currently seeing multiple partners.

Nice stated that she is not into commitments and ownership and thus her belief in polyamory. 

“My partners may not know, but I am not lying that they are the only ones. I am not big on commitments and ownership. I have a very big heart that has the capability of loving several people at the same time,” she said.       

The actress noted that she is currently trying to find herself better since she has been in monogamous relationship in the past that failed. 

“I have been dating since I was 18 years and everyone I dated, we lived together and stayed not less than three years

“It was like moving from one marriage to another. I was in a string of marriages, and now I am trying to find out who I am,” she said. 

Actress Nice Githinji PHOTO/COURTESY

Other than her love life, Nice also shared an instance where she was conned while looking for a house to rent. 

“I was looking for houses in South B when I found one, paid rent and deposit. When I went to clean the house before moving in, I found a whole family living there

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“I had been visiting the place for weeks and even the previous day. But, unfortunately, the agent was unreachable on the phone, and that is how they went with my money,” she narrated.

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