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Actor Omosh apologizes to Kenyans after second appeal for help

Actor Joseph Kinuthia well known as Omosh Kizangila has pleaded for forgiveness from Kenyans after his second appeal for financial help.

Omosh irked Kenyans after asking for second time help noting that he previously never received KSh 1 million as alleged.

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Kenyans found his sentiments disrespectful and lacked appreciation for their efforts in giving him hope and getting him out of a miserable life.

However, in a recent interview with YouTuber Hiram Maina alias Kamuhunjia, Omosh thanked Kenyans saying he will forever be grateful for everything they did for him.

The thespian noted that he had so many debts uncleared which thanks to Kenyans who contributed he managed to clear them all.

He took time to thank a few notable people, like Jalang’o who he said played a major role during the donations.

Omosh disclosed that he was not broke but at that time he was only joking and entertaining people but was however misunderstood.

It was on a lighter note. You have seen my interviews, I’m a jocker, you know I am an actor, an entertainer – sort of a TV comedian, I can say something to make you laugh, and you guys are like what? Forgive me, I know I have hurt many people,” Omosh said.

He pleaded with Kenyans to stop bashing him and find a place in their hearts to forgive him.

He however came clear that on the part of begging for a camera, tripod and lights, was real because he wants to be professional.

Omosh also talked about alcoholism and drugs addiction noting that he had previously quit but started again when Covid-19 pandemic hit the nation.

He also noted that recently after going viral, he was forced to taste the sweet drink after after attending several functions invited by the organizers who paid him for appearance.

There is this one I went, well dressed in a suit, I don’t know how I found myself but the last minute I found myself drinking and I do not even know how I got home. I was so embarrassed because my children got to see that,” he said.

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The star further noted that he had changed and is now leading a Holy life and hopes to overcome the addiction even without joining any rehabilitation center.

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