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21-year-old boy who has repeated one class in primary school for 15 years

In a weird but true story a young man identified as Joseph has repeated one class in primary school for 15 good years due to mental challenges.

The 21-year-old boy, is reported to have repeated the same class to the extent of even forgetting he needs to proceed to the next class.

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Due to his dwarfism most people argue that he is young and not over 20 years as reported.

In the past years, the boy has studied in the same class with students who proceeded to high school, university and even graduated to becoming notable people in the society.

His teacher actually studied with him in the same school and class in 2006, graduated and she is now teaching Joseph.

According to the teacher, Joseph is highly trolled by school mates especially in the higher classes who call him dunderhead due to his poor performance in class.

Some call him old man who is who is yet to receive his retirement benefits.

“They always troll and bully me saying I’m the old man. People keep discouraging me each and every day. Even some teachers who phoned me at this school say that I’m soon getting my pension.

They say I’m too old and soon reaching the retirement age. All that makes me think of dropping out. But then I remember I promised myself that I will do whatever it takes then graduate.”

Joseph’s mother however maintained that her son is obedient and has a passion and determination of passing in school and graduating.

She noted that Joseph has been focused and trying his best but all his efforts bore no fruits as he always becomes last in class.

According to Joseph, he is always daydreaming whenever the teacher is teaching making it hard for him to understand what the teacher is saying.

He also said he hallucinates at times something that he feels like reboots his mind leaving it blank.

Due to these problems, Joseph always fails his examinations and keeps repeating the same class as he cannot be promoted.

I’m a teacher at this school and I’m a class teacher to joseph. He has studied at this school for a long period of time. I started teaching him since 2018. He tries being attentive in class but has a problem of forgetting whenever I’m teaching a new lesson.

make sure he sits with other smart Children who also helped him understand the new topic. But still, after a few minutes he forget what he has done. The teacher commented.

Joseph wishes to graduate from school pursue his desired course in university and become a President in future.

I want to be a president After graduating, I’m confident enough that one day I’ll be a president to this country. I have to work hard in class and learn more about politics so that I will be a good leader and I know that God will help me no more on our community.”

According to his mother, Joseph started his education career at age six and has always repeated school since. He is in his fifteenth time now.

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Watch Joseph’s story below courtesy of Afrimax.

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