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2-Year-Old Orders 31 Burgers While Playing With Mother’s Phone

A 2-year-old baby in Texas has hit headlines after ordering 31 cheeseburgers on an online food ordering company. 

The toddler accidentally ordered the burgers on DoorDash while playing with his mother’s phone. 

His mother, Kelsey Golden said she was working on her computer when her toddler son made the order. 

She said she was transferring photos from her phone to the computer when her son started playing with her phone. 

Golden said her son usually likes to look at his reflection on her phone, adding that when she grabbed it back, she did not bother to check what her son was doing. 

Speaking to CNN, Golden said she was confused when she received a notification that her DoorDash order was taking longer than usual. 

“Right as she said that, I was outside playing with Barrett on the porch. A car pulls in, and I was like, ‘what’? So I went over to it, and she gets out a giant McDonald’s bag and is like 31 burgers,” she said. 

When the order arrived, Golden thought the driver was at the wrong house but it later dawned on her that her son was playing with her phone. 

“Then it dawned on me that Barrett was playing with my phone. So I went back and looked at my phone, and an order was placed at that time that he was playing with my phone,” she said. 

Burgers ordered by the 2-year-old toddler PHOTO/COURTESY

The total cost of the burger was KSh 10,683. 

Golden resorted to donating the burgers. 

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“One woman came by; she was pregnant and wanted six of them; I also donated some cheeseburgers to neighbors,” she said.

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