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10 crazy things your daughter does in campus

Have you ever done a follow up on your campus daughter? That might be necessary unlike concluding she is all innocent.

Campus girls do a lot of crazy things you even never thought about. Here are some of the things.

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Attends every party

Your daughter just turned to a party animal but you obviously never knew. Well in campus the weekend starts early on Thursday when free parties are announced. Most of the parties are always free or charge very little amounts. You daughter probably attends every party in Nairobi paying entrance fee with your own money while you stay at home bragging how your daughter is in campus studying.

Does not attend church

With a habit of attending parties and consuming alcohol then Church is a no-go zone for your daughter. The party animal is obviously at bed over fight hangovers from the previous night. Surprisingly when she comes home for long holidays she would attend almost every service on Sunday.

Does not live in the campus hostels anymore

Your daughter actually shifted away from campus hostel long time ago and probably lives together with her girlfriends. She obviously moved out out of the hostel to make it easy for her to attend most parties and all that.

In another case, your daughter rarely or doesn’t sleep in the hostel in a case where she hasn’t moved out. This is because most of the times she is out clubbing or at her boyfriend’s house.

She has ‘sponsors

You dearest baby girl is obviously not satisfied with KSh 500-1000 pocket money that you send to her from time to time. This would prompt her to find some old men or even sometimes women who would splash her cash to cater for her needs.

Rolls in town with different men with heavy cars.

Your daughter spends time with multiple men who drive heavy machines like Range Rovers and what so. The hunk is probably the one taking her to and from school. He also makes sure the young lady has cash loaded in her accounts.

She is addicted to her phone

You campus going daughter is always busy taking selfies and snaps with multiple men from the party she attended or that fancy place she was taken by her sponsor. She would then share the pictures on social media; Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook for likes and followers.


You will never walk long before noticing either a vernacular speaking person, a clout chasing girl or even a place with most religious people. Generally everyone crave for a sense of belonging , and you baby girl is one of them.

The c-word is is no longer a taboo to her

Most of campus girls are afraid getting pregnant mich more that even contracting sexual transmitted diseases. Do not get surprised when you access you daughter’s room and find multiple contraceptive inside. The young woman most probably uses the drugs for your sake. She doesn’t want to disappoint you by by getting her first child while in campus. Your daughter also wants to enjoy life to the fullest in the company of her boy friends.

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She is driven by peer pressure

Everything she does that is, her food her dressing code or anything is totally influenced by what other boy and girls around her do.

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